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Enjoy quality and affordability: we're proud to be food, snack and beverage wholesale suppliers and distributors of some of the most popular products in the world. Now, you can access flavours that your customers love from brands such as Calbee, Mitsuya and Especielo.

Calbee Sapporo Potato (BBQ)

Now, customers can enjoy delicious Calbee Barbeque Potato snacks – with vegetables! Shaped especially for snacking convenience, Calbee Sapporo Potato snacks let customers enjoy the flavours of vegetables combined with the irresistibly savoury BBQ taste.


Sapporo Potato Paprika

For fans of the Calbee Sapporo Potato snack, apart from the tasty BBQ flavour, it is also available in Paprika! For those who like a dash of spice and a punchier flavour for their snacks, don’t miss out on this lip-smacking good treat.


Calbee Snow Pea Crisps (Original)

Yum! These deliciously baked snow peas are some of Calbee’s best. Once you’ve tried some, you won’t be able to resist wanting some more – customers love them! Make sure to add Calbee’s original snow peas to your mix of popular Calbee products.


Calbee Corn Stick (Eel Kabayaki)

Enjoy the delicate and unforgettable taste of eel with the delightful crunch of a Calbee Corn Stick. Eel continues to be a crucial ingredient served in Japanese restaurants worldwide – now, customers can satisfy their urge for eel from the comfort of their homes with the Eel Kabayaki Corn Stick snack.

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