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Enjoy quality and affordability: we're proud to be food, snack and beverage wholesale suppliers and distributors of some of the most popular products in the world. Now, you can access flavours that your customers love from brands such as Calbee, Mitsuya and Especielo.

Calbee Jagabee Potato Stick

Calbee Jagabee Potato Sticks are iconic household snacks enjoyed families worldwide. Baked, not fried, these addictive potato snacks go well with everything. Conveniently packed in eye-catching cups, Calbee Jagabee Potato sticks can easily be stored, stacked and carried wherever great snacks are needed.


Calbee Jagabee Potato Stick (Pouch)

Gain value for money with these sets of 12 Calbee Jagabee Potato Stick pouches. Baked, not fried, these addictive potato snacks go well with everything. Now, customers can pack Calbee Jagabee Potato Sticks for work, school or simply their pockets with pouches designed for value and convenience.


Calbee Jagabee Purple Potato Stick (Pouch)

Calbee Jagabee Purple Potato Sticks stand out in colour – and in taste. Addictively thick, crispy and flavoursome, they have a slight hint of sweetness thanks to Calbee’s use of delicious purple potato. With Calbee’s Jagabee Purple Potato Sticks, customers can enjoy the variety they want and a taste they love! Don’t miss this one.


Calbee Jagabee Seaweed Potato Stick (Pouch)

Presenting Calbee Seaweed, the latest treat to join our Jagabee family. Toothsome, but not cloyingly salty, it is set to be a perennial favourite with the customers. Before formulating the flavour, it went through a thorough taste test. And now, it seems that this customers are relishing every stick of this awesome flavour. Trying is believing, go grab a packet yourself of Jagabee Seaweed today!